Health Issues

The ascendant sign and its ruling planet are believed to have a significant impact on one’s overall health and vitality.

This house in the birth chart is associated with health matters, diseases, and physical well-being. Ganachari Astrology examine the planetary positions in this house to assess potential health issues. Our Astrologer considers the aspects between different planets to identify potential imbalances or health challenges. Malefic aspects may indicate areas of vulnerability.

The dasha system divides a person’s life into planetary periods, each ruled by a different planet. Astrologers analyze the current dasha to understand the potential health issues that may arise during that period.

This guidance might include lifestyle modifications, specific dietary suggestions, gemstone recommendations, or rituals to appease certain planetary energies. It’s important to remember that these recommendations should be considered complementary and not as a replacement for medical treatment.

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Reviews about Ganachari

Nayana Eroda, India

This astrology service has been a game-changer for me when it comes to understanding the connection between my health and celestial influences. The astrologers provided deep insights into the underlying causes of my health problems, identifying planetary alignments that could be impacting my well-being. They also shared remedies and rituals to alleviate any negative influences and promote overall healing.

Samarth Bengaluru, India

I have always been interested in alternative approaches to healthcare, and this astrology service has been an enlightening experience for me. The astrologers have a profound knowledge of medical astrology and its impact on different aspects of our health. They accurately pinpoint areas of concern in my birth chart and provided detailed explanations of how those influences manifest in my well-being.

Amogha Bengaluru, India

I've been using this astrology service for health-related guidance, and I must say, it has been incredibly insightful. The astrologers have a deep understanding of how planetary positions can impact our well-being. They provided me with valuable advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, suggesting specific dietary changes and exercise routines based on my birth chart.

Vishwa Coimbatore, India

I was skeptical about astrology, but after trying out this astrology service for health concerns, I am pleasantly surprised. The astrologers not only analyzed my birth chart but also took the time to listen to my health issues in detail. They provided me with a comprehensive analysis, highlighting potential areas of vulnerability and suggesting preventive measures.